Connecticut Indoor Pistol Winter Leagues 2007

The New London County League

The ten-team New London County Pistol League was established in 1954. Most league teams

have 15 to20 shooters who compete weekday evenings during the late fall and winter. Several

of the clubs had long been in existence when the league took shape in the early 1950ís, and the

bullseye-match format itself is an American refinement of centuries-old competitions

conducted worldwide by civilian-sportsmen, police, and military organizations. The teams

and clubs welcome interested people from all walks of life.

The New London County League teams are:

E&B Sporting Goods (Salem area)

Electric Boat Athletic Club (based at Groton Sportsmen's Club in Stonington)

Mystic Rod & Gun Club (Stonington)

Niantic Sportsmenís Club (Niantic/East Lyme)

Nutmegs Pistol Club (based at Quaker Hill)

Pachaug Outdoor Club (Pachaug area)

Pfizer Pistol Team (based at Mystic R&G)

Quaker Hill Rod & Gun Club (Quaker Hill/Montville)

Sprague Rod and Gun Club (Sprague area)

U.S. Coast Guard Pistol Club (staff, faculty, and cadets)

The Hartford Areaís Met League

The Metropolitan Revolver League of Hartford was established in 1938 and now has 13 teams

or clubs representing some 280 shooters.

The teams are:

Bell City Pistol Team

Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club Pistol Team

Metacon Gun Club Pistol Team

Silver City Gun Club Pistol Team

Torrington Gun Club Pistol Team

Windsor Rifle & Revolver Pistol Team

Coltís Pistol Team

Tolland County Pistols

Middletown Pistol Team

Charter Oak Pistol Team

Manchester Pistol Team

Eddy Glover Pistol Team

Telephone Pistol Team

Six of the teams operate the nonprofit Metropolitan Shooters, Inc. range in Manchester. In

addition to hosting many Metropolitan League matches, MSI also holds a variety of

competitions and classes including 900ís, 1800ís, air-pistol matches, state championship

matches, pistol-permit courses, the Loomis Chafee (high school) Rifle Team, and the Pratt &

Whitney summer pistol league.

The Bridgeport Rifle Club Pistol League

Structured differently from other Connecticut Leagues, the Bridgeport Rifle Club runs a

Spring and Fall Wednesday Night Pistol League in which competitors shoot individually, not

as teams, in the bullseye-match format. Every year the club hosts a major sporting event -- the

NRA Indoor Pistol Sectionals -- in which hundreds of competitors from the Tri-State area

compete. Originated in Bridgeport, the club is now based in Stratford and was established

more than three decades ago.

Revolver League of Connecticut (New Haven Area)

The Revolver League of Connecticut, located in the New Haven area, was incorporated on

September 3, 1937. This League was formed when revolvers were commonly used for pistol

competition. Over the years, more than 100 shooters have participated during a season; the

League is actively seeking new members and clubs to participate in this well-established match


Matches are held Tuesday evenings beginning in October and ending in April. There are

about 25 matches during each season. For the 2006-2007 season, two indoor ranges are in use.

They are located at the West Haven City Hall (West Haven Police Range) and at the Yale

University Armory. Several other ranges are used occasionally throughout the season. In

June of each year, a picnic and awards ceremony is held at the East Haven Gun Clubís outdoor


Six teams currently compete; they are:

New Haven Police

West Haven Rifle and Pistol Club

West Haven Police

Yale University Pistol Club

East Haven Gun Club

Elm City Gun Club

Over the years competition groups have included the New Haven Register Pistol Team,

Branford Gun Club, Marlin Firearms Pistol Team, Armstrong Rubber Pistol Club, U.S. Army

Reserve and Horse Guard, the High Standard Manufacturing Company Gun Club, Winchester

Gun Club, Hamden Police Department, Milford Gun Club, and others.

Southwest Connecticut Pistol League (Fairfield Area)

The Southwest Connecticut Pistol League (SWCPL) is possibly Fairfield Countyís areaís most

venerable shooting sports tradition, having run continuously since the 1930ís. League matches

are friendly; in fact, the scoring system encourages beginner participation. Neophytes have an

opportunity to shoot shoulder-to-shoulder with seasoned competitors without pressure, and

can learn from both observation and coaching.

The league is open to any area club that wishes to sponsor a team and is willing to host

matches at its range. There are currently five teams sponsored by three clubs with ranges in

Cos Cob, Ridgefield, and Upper Westchester, NY. Competition is open to all members of

participating clubs.

Current teams represent:

Cos Cob Revolver and Rifle Club

Stamford Pistol Team

New Canaan Pistol Team

Ramapoo Rifle and Revolver Club, Ridgefield

Tators Pistol Team, South Salem NY

Member teams are open to new participants throughout the year, and clinics are held in the

fall to acquaint new competitors with the nationally standardized match procedures. All

competitorsí scores are reported to the NRA for recording and credit towards national


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Some League Contacts

Fran Lerz , Metropolitan, 860 289 9098

Steve Wheeler, New London, 860 228-3964

Karl Mallick, Bridgeport,

Fran Wasilnak, Bridgeport,

Rick Kamp, New Haven,

Bill White, Southwest,