Cerebellar hypoplasia

How to care for Cats with CH / Cerebellar hypoplasia

Mostly Known as "CH" Cats


To prevent Your CH Cat from getting hurt. Pad every table leg and chair with pipe insulation.  Hold it on with electrical tape.  Pipe insulation is soft and padded.  It comes in many sizes, I used 3/4 inch and 1 inch on everything .  I also used the ozark sleeping pad bag padding sold at walmart to make a run for Rocky. I rolled them out and stood the pads up.  He can walk like a drunk and crashes head first into things.  Padding stops him from getting hurt, He also figured if he leans against the padding, he can "slide" along by leaning on the padding.  Unroll the pads, wire tire them together with overlapping them by 3 inches or so.  We use bungee cords to hold them to furniture.  So it has flex.

If You have a heater pad for them, make sure there is no loose cord, The Cat can get the cord wrapped around their neck.  I saw my cat do it, Luckily I was there.  Instead of stopping He panicked and made it tighter.  I now have the cord tight, see pic.


I bought the cage online from cage masters on e-bay.  It is 3 feet x 5 feet a little over a foot tall. It was about $100. It came disassembled.  the sides are attached so it unfolds, the bottom is one piece plastic that has sides so no liquids will spill out. Wire ties are included to piece the top together.  to stop the top from falling in, some of the top pieces are staggered to stick out, preventing the top from falling in.  ! side you use wire ties to "make a hinge".  Cut off all wire tie ends as to not poke them, or you.  It could damage there eyes if they fall into the wire tie end.

I had to add a 1/4 mesh wire sheet to the top as the other cats could reach in and bother him.  I use small bungee cords to lock the top down. 

I cut a 1 inch pvc pipe and placed it on the side top I lean over, but I had to make a slice in it with a saws all, it was hard to do. I put a couple extra pads together and place them on top to lean over the cage.  I had to wire tie a dowel 1 " by the length 5 ft

The bottom of the cage I use either a gold's gym pad that has more traction for him, but it absorbs ligued more then the ozark sleeping mat.  The Gold's gym pad fits with out cutting and tapping. So it's faster to install. The Ozark sleeping pad, I have to cut another ozark sleeping pad and duck tale it to a full pad.  I cut the ozark sleeping pad to pad the sides of the cage.  I used duck tape to hold the sides in place. 

I use rabbit litter, care fresh ultra, I use the white one, it's like cotton balls made out of paper.  I spread about a 1 inch bed of it. So when He goes potty, just "scoop" up the mess with paper towels along with the litter.  Then add more litter to replace the letter You removed.

I have to hold him until He goes potty when I am home to help keep him clean.  But when We are not with him, He manages well to go and get away from the area.  Sometimes He pees on his bed, maybe because it is easier for him, but the heating pad is on the bed, so then he doesn't have his pad until we get home.  We keep the heat up during the winter to 70 f for him, and 72 F cooling in the summer.


Due to his bobbing head, body, You have to place a soft blanket or towel next to you sitting on the couch.  Lay Your Cat along the side of you with the food in a in a bowl on a dish to catch food falling over the side of the bowl, Place the dish/ bowl on your lap, and holding his head by cupping your hand from the back of their head use your thumb and little finger to cup their jaw and the rest of your hand over the head lightly to have control so he can eat.  We have paper towels handy to wipe his face.  He is afraid to drink water from bowl after getting his nose and mouth below water.  Hard to see what He is doing and this all was a learning to learn for us, of how to hold his head, jaw to keep him above water.

We add water to the wet food and chop it up with a spoon.  We use a bowl to feed him, it is about 4 inches wide.  We give him tuna juice and tuna chopped up 3 times a week or more to keep him healthy.  We buy sliced turkey for a treat and chop it up in small pieces to give him in the bowl.

We have a rabbit water bottle, it has a bigger spout then normal.  The bottom where he licks is a ball bearing that lets water onto the ball he licks.   He has learned to drink from it. But doesn't ever drink very much from it.  We keep it clean and use filtered water.  I store the rabbit water bottle I drop it into a big coffee cup to store by us. 

Rocky has CH, We had him since a kitten. He has it bad, He is blind in 1 eye, and mostly blind in the other. Very bobbing head and body., can walk a little but when he gets up, he walks to fast and loses balance and crashes head first.  We bought a harness that has 2 holes that his front feet feet into, the harness holds his chest so it is comfortable for him, I use a regular 5ft leash to hold him up.  I uncross his front feet and help him up, I have the loop of the leash around my wriest, and wrap the exess leash around my hand. This way i leave him 3 feet of leash and when he takes off i let the leash unwind off my wrist.


I made a run for him but being in a straight line, it doesn't help him.  Using the harness and leash, Rocky is walking better and slower by himself when we let him.  I think it is making him stronger and more confidence. 

We have sound machines placed so He can "navigate"

He had seizures until we switched his food to Blue buffalo.  We use the blue and the red bag.  At night we give him treats with the other cats, but We put the treats on top of his dry food in the 4 inch bowl.  It helps to keep the overspill down with a plastic plate under the bowl.

We had 2 C H cats from the same litter.  The girl was completely blind, could not stand at all. sever bobbing body, head, and weighed only 7 lbs.  She also had a heart murmur, She lived 3 years.  Rocky is now 5 going on 6. He weights about 10 lbs.


They are both very loving Cats even wit their sever disabilities.

They take a enormous amount of time to feed and hold when you think they have to potty.  Buy paper towels at a BJ's / Cosco store as You will need plenty of towels.  The spray to clean up accidents on the rug works great.  But You use a lot of towls to clean up 1 accident.  We have a garbage can with a foot step to open the top, and a garbage bag inside it.

Once the bottom mat gets cut, (keeping his nails trimed extends the life of the mat)  You must replace it, so they dont get hurt with a stuck leg in the hole.


He sleeps near us so We get up when He needs assistance.